Monday, March 24, 2014

Sandwich Week 1

I always thought that sandwiches were too simple an affair to be considered a recipe that I would like to share with others. Simply because firstly, everyone’s personal preference is different, secondly there are tons of ingredients that could go well in btw two thick slices of bread. Being such a carb fan- I love bread more than I love noodles, rice or potatoes, I can simple have them for every meal. The more adventurous sandwiches involve putting like French fries in btw bread. I found this combination weird at first but when I thought about the Kebabs I had in Paris which consisted of a wrap encasing chicken kebabs, French fries, lettuce and a splash of their special sauce, I was won over. It actually tasted quite good. Nothing strange at all of having carb in btw carb.
Sandwich week started off with a group of us wanting to live a healthy diet at least once a week.So we designated Monday to be Sandwich Day. Previously we had Salad Tuesdays but after 4-5 months, it kinda died down. At least our legacy still lives since we will be embracing something healthy ( Sandwich with greens) as well? Or maybe not? Week one was a simple sandwich with ham, eggs, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on walnut bread. Classic ingredients but uber tasty

To Complete the meal was a yogurt and fruit salad. 



-2-3 slices of desired bread
-1 slice of cheese
-1 tomato, sliced
-2 slices of ham
-sunny side up egg
- fruits


Pretty self explanatory but I just topped my bread with the above ingredients and toasted them for 1-2 min till the cheese was all melty and oozing. Take a snap of your art piece and enjoy!

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