Friday, January 29, 2010

A simple dinner

After too much indulgence in online shopping and painfully seeing a column of debits under the transation summary, it's time to save! ( by eating in ). As much as I love eating out, I've practically learnt to reach a compromised state. I "ransacked" the fridge for something interesting to cook but it always boils down to the same few dishes.. chickenn , veg and fish. I don't think we're a pretty big fan of red meat either. More like huge fans of fish. FISH FISH FISH! My mum cooks them in all kinds of style.

ok so as far as my imagination would take me, HAHA I decided to cook the simple usual meal.

Honey seasame  (couldnt find any) chicken:

Do the usual of thawing the chicken, seasoning it with pepper, sauce, sesame oil, sugar, vinegar, oyster sauce and leave it in the fridge for few hrs ( 4-5hrs).

Then fry them up! The best part about frying stuff is you get to mix everything together ( the meat and the sauces) and then add a dash of seasoning like how you would play with your food. HAHA ok I shall not go there..

Salt and pepper fried tofu:

I like salty and pepperyy stuff so this dish is flowing with abundant goodness.
and lastly my all time fav: hei bee hiam sambal long beans :))))

Loves :))

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Omu Rice

Bored of the usual fried rice on a plate? So am I. Just use whatever fried rice or ingredients you have left and fry them with ketchup,spoon  them onto the thin omelette and wrap like a popiah!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Singapore's signature chilli crabs

What better place to be eating chilli crabs and black pepper crabs- at the comfort of one's home! No noisy crowds, No perspiring. Plus it's affordable (minus the cleaning and preparation). Mummy wanted to cook crab specially before we all started sch so ta da. ONE WEEK before semester starts, mother and daughter were down at work. Daughter on the fried rice and mother on the crabs :))

Introducing Tom Yum Fried Rice:

Wanted something towards the spicy side as well as tom yummy so I just mixed some Tom Yum paste into the fried rice and it works wonders :D When I think of fried rice, BANG! I immediately remember those days at Annenberg where I used to fry rice with tons of chilli ( sauce, chilli flakes) after being severely deprived from chilli from a land of only ketchup and fast food.. One thing I love about fried rice is that it's so simple to whip up cuz you just dump basically everything together and fry. and if it doesn't taste good, just add a helll lot of chill or blachan to make up for the taste :) Eggs good too.

Ingredients ( rice) :

Rice of course (overnight or 2 days old) It needs to be dry!
Garlic ( I put alottt)
prawn ( de-shelled)
soya sauce and sugar (to taste)
char siu ( or you can put ham and bacon, which is outrageously yummy as well)
peas and carrots
Tom Yum Pasta
Pork floss (to garnish)
1 egg ( to garnish)


1) Fry garlics and onions till little brown then add rice and fry till fragrant ( till you just could eat it plain and on its own). Set aside
2) Then fry prawn, char siu, peas and carrots till just cooked then add rice and fry fry fry again to get the nice reddish colour.
3)Add soya sauce , tom yum paste ( as much as you desire) to taste.
4)Add eggs and to incorporate evertthing together and there you go! A meal settled. Garnish with another fried egg cut into strips and pork floss :P:P:P
5) Pray that your guests will love it

Mummy's pepper crabs and chilli crabs. I can't explain how much I love her crabs. All I can say is that it's TERRIFICCCCC.