Monday, April 18, 2011

Poached Eggs

I'm a sucker for eggs. They are the best thing on earth that's why I heart brunch the most. But most importantly the eggs have to be runny. 

Eating brunch everyday at a restaurant is too expensive. Imagine paying 15-30 bucks a day just for breakfast.   I would actually but managed to convince myself that it's an added luxury that shouldn't be excessively indulged in. 

But anyway that doesnt stop someone from making their own version of brunch at home. 

As shown below: I've tried 2 new methods of poaching them compared to the messier version where I just dumped them into simmering water. 

Method 1: Use a metal ring placed in a pan of simmering water. Crack and egg in it and cook for 2min. I prefer this method over the next one because it's easier to gauge the correct consistency of the yolk. 

Method 2: Place a microwavable film in a bowl and oil the insides. Drop and egg into it and tie the film. Drop the entire film into a saucepan of simmering water and cook 2-3 min. This is a less messy way to cook the egg but I couldnt tell when the yolk was just ready. But anyway, it managed to turn out the way I like so yepp!