Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hi there

Fellow foodie lover or my awesome friends, thanks for visiting 
and supporting my bloggie ;) 

Here's a girl who loves to bake, cook, eat and blog. I love to bake 
during my free time (especially cakes) and whip up something nice for
meals. The kitchen has been my favourite part of the house ever 
since. Being a self taught baker, I study dessert books and experiment
flavours by baking and tweaking them accordingly. 

I love all things sweet thus desserts are something I can't live without
Can't imagine life without dark chocolates, bread, eggs with 
runny yolks, red bean, cereal, froyo, M&Ms, cinnamon and tea. 

I'm also very much into craft work. I enjoy designing and creating 
stuff from scratch. 

My favourite Shops are Borders, Artfriend, Spotlight, Ikea, 
Phoon Huat and ALL supermarts, Iwannagohome, Paper Chase, 
Down with Love, Totts, Bake it yourself, pantry pursuit, pantry magic,
Kitchen Capers, Sun lik. 

Feel free to comment or give suggestions. You can reach me at sherbakes@gmail.com