Monday, June 28, 2010

Herb and Cheese Crackers for the soul

It's a brand new week and I feel rejuvenated after a relaxing weekend. Plus I had my happy doze of chocolate from k-ki sweets. :)))) awesome cakes! With such a busy schedule, I have learnt the art of treasuring every possible meetup. Anyway, it's always a joy to seee everyone again. Argh although it sucks to see how free they are. 

Crispy Crackers

Made this for a picnic at East Coast Park. We had alot of food going on that day that we attracted plenty of unwanted guests. It was hilarious how we were all fanning our ( each others') food while the other prepared the food. I turned my head in embarrassment as I saw not only a couple of people ( but almost everyone) walking past our direction staring in amazement at what we were doing. An unforgettable picnic indeed. 

The cracker is simply plain tortilla wraps ( you can eat them as it is if you want to) oven baked to make them crispy. Toppings are oregano and herbs, some paprika powder and drizzled with a lil olive oil ;)  Half of them with cheese and half without. 

Tried a sweet version too consisting of cinnamon powder, sugar and maple syrup glaze. 

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