Sunday, April 15, 2012

A New Beginning

My original plan was to restart a new blog and revive that blogging passion. That was initially the most viable plan, considering the fact that I had been blogging since 2008. Do the math and boy has it been a long 5 years! With over 300 posts, this has got to be my mid year resolution- the Massive Blog Cleaning Exercise.

Walking down memory lane, I realize that there's no easy way out. This blog has way too many sweet memories.  It first started out as a virtual journal to pen down my thoughts- You know those sweet sixteen days where you blog about school life, shopping, best friends and haha boys. And then as I grew older, food, photography and travel seem to have caught a hold of me. I wanted to be like those food bloggers who through their creativity and love for writing, are willing to share their passion for food to like minded people.

It has been a long journey in finding the time and patience to write an entry, design the webpage ( For a person like me who has utterly no clue about websites,html, CSS Codes and all that stuff that goes along with it, it took me many days trying to figure them out). Ultimately, the efforts paid off and I hope you find this a decent blog ;)

There's definitely alot of transformation to this blog:

Firstly, for those who were here with me before, you'll notice that the template is not quite the same. I have decided to opt for a cleaner, less cluttered and less is more kind of feel.

It will be the "Savory Side Of Life Food Blog" which means to say it runs separately from my other blog that is solely meant for desserts.

I have painstakingly removed those personal posts and pictures that were made public before( Those entries still remain but are kept privately)

Lastly, I hope to post more quality pictures like the experts all do. Bear with me! I am still learning how to exploit the full functions of my camera as well as the advantages of Lightroom.

//Food is our common ground, a universal experience// James Beard

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