Monday, June 7, 2010


One of my favourite all time ingredient is mushrooms. Although it often plays along side its fellow fleshy friends-  chicken, beef, pork, fish etc, I gotta say it's companion role is what makes the overall dish so successful. Believe it or not. It's one of the major ingredients used in various cuisines of the world. Cream of mushroom soup, Grilled portobello mushroom & cheese burger, chicken with mushroom gravy, steak with pepper mushroom gravy, deep fried mushroom, grilled mushroom n zucchini, carborana with mushrooms, pizza with mushrooms and a never ending list.. 

I remember reading somewhere that washing mushrooms is a no no since it will cause the mushrooms to become mushy and apparently suffer a lost of flavour. Hmm, I agree somewhat because when I do wash them, the mushrooms turn out rather sticky to the touch. I usually rinse them quickly under the tap and dry them off immediately ( Just a habit I guess). Latest updates at Serious eats provides us with a useful guide on how to clean and trim mushrooms. 

It's a win win situation for all. Just don't forget to include mushrooms in your next dish ;))

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