Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sandwich Cake

Week four- It was a member of our sandwich gang’s birthday and we wanted to do something special for his birthday so we decided there’s no better way to celebrate than presenting him a sandwich cake. Yes you heard me. A cake not sweet but savoury.

This time it comprises four layers of green Pandan bread. First layer ws a spread of tuna with orange cream cheese, baby spinach, salad cream and cucumbers, second layer was another layer of salad cream redcapsisum, cucumbers and a layer of cheese, third layer was tuna spread, oyellow capsicum, another layer of cheese, and last layer was salad cream, walnuts, cucumber, scrambled eggs and the last layer of orange capsicum.

The entire cake was then frosted with herby peppered cream cheese, coated with honey nuts, diced capsicum and wasabi peas on top. Viola. Happy Birthday James!

Capsicums that make a cake so prettay! 

and last but not least: Here's my very own sandwich and not the scaringly high sandwich cake!

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